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USC Basketball: Huge Trojans Guard Absence Has Isaiah Collier Taking On More Responsibilities

The projected 2024 lottery pick has a big role ahead of him.

Recruited by USC last fall, touted high school prospect Isaiah Collier was set to join fellow renowned high school product in California guard Bronny James in the Trojan backcourt this upcoming season. 

Unfortunately, James suffered a freak accident while working out in the offseason meaning that more burden will be on the shoulders of Collier with his fellow guard's timetable for return unknown to the university. 

"We saw on the European tour that when Isaiah Collier got tired, he committed some carless reach-in fouls. We also saw Collier commit a few offensive fouls on drives to the basket. Collier is fast and strong, but his aggression and power can easily discard defenders and, right or wrong, create the appearance of a foul. Not all of his offensive fouls looked like actual fouls, but refs saw defenders flying due to Collier’s elite strength, and they punished Collier for it. Collier has to stay out of foul trouble in the first month of the season before Bronny James joins the lineup. With Bronny, USC can put two elite guards on the floor at any time in a game. Without Bronny, it’s essential for Collier to stay on the floor. He will probably need to play 33-35 minutes per game, and the Trojans will need to make sure they don’t get dominated in the 5-7 minutes in which Collier takes a breather on the bench."

via Matt Zemek, Trojans Wire

Alongside veteran Boogie Ellis, Collier has a more than adequate backcourt substitute for the likes of James, but his youth may show like it did on the Trojans' recent exhibition showing overseas. 

Missing more than a few pieces to their puzzle to start this year, Collier will likely have to be the main man alongside Ellis for the first portion of the season.