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USC Basketball: Writer Expects NBA Superstar To Become Galen Center Staple

We can't wait to see this!
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One of the more followed stories in college basketball this summer was Bronny James, son of Los Angeles Lakers All-Star LeBron James, landing at USC for his college choice. Bronny James is now scheduled to play for the Trojans this season, and that means that the Galen Center may be getting some superstar treatment all year.

“With his oldest son Bronny now a freshman at USC and planning to play this season following a summer hospitalization following a cardiac arrest, expect LeBron to be on the sidelines supporting the Trojans on a regular basis. It helps that Arena and the Galen Center are only about two miles apart.”

Per Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report

Whenever the Lakers have an off day while at home, if USC has a game, James will likely be in attendance. He will move anything that he can out of the way to go watch his son play, and root for him like crazy.

James loves the spotlight, and he will do whatever he can to support his son. Especially with the games being so close to where the Lakers play, James will surely be an active supporter of USC this season.

“James is no stranger as a sideline guest to support family and friends, going all the way back to his days of attending University of Akron basketball games to cheer on high school teammates Romeo Travis and Dru Joyce III.”

Per Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report

It’ll be nice to see the 19-time All-NBA honoree supporting his son at his games, just like any other parent. Just because he is an NBA superstar doesn’t mean that he won’t do that. He may even bring along some friends from the NBA, possibly making the Galen Center the place to be this year in college basketball. 

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