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As of now, no decision has been made regarding Bronny James' future as a USC Trojan. He was one of the most highly-touted prospects coming out of the graduating high school class of 2024, for both his electric play at Sierra Canyon and national attention due to the being the eldest son of NBA superstar LeBron James.

His cardiac arrest was a wake-up call to every young athlete that we truly do not know what is going on within our bodies at times. James was in the middle of a regulated summer workout with his team when it happened and even though he is stable now, everybody has been waiting to hear what is next for the young prince.

Obviously, James has been working hard all of his life to follow the footsteps of his father and make it to the NBA. The pressure that has been on him over these past couple of years isn't normal for a teenager, even those who do match him in skill and popularity. He has handled the fame and opportunities quite well and those around him have touched on how all he wants is to be great.

A trusted doctor by the name of Brian Sutterer, who has been studying the health of professional players for quite some time, recently analyzed Bronny's situation and his biggest fear is what could happen if he takes the court again without knowing exactly what went wrong within his body.

"If they don't find an exact cause and you don't really know what happened, you have to have that discussion of what exactly are the risks of going back out there and playing. Extremely serious situation we're dealing with, then legitimately something that affects the rest of his career depending on what we discover and depending on what they have to do about it."

(Via Dr. Brian Sutterer)

The entire basketball community will continue to hope for the best for James during these times!