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Over the past couple of weeks, the USC Trojans community has been waiting patiently to hear any updates regarding the health of incoming freshman Bronny James. His cardiac arrest in the middle of a summer workout served as a prime example that even the biggest stars can be subject to very serious health matters. He is just 18-years-old and as much as everybody wants to see him playing at the highest level and hopefully move on to the NBA next, making sure that his body is right should be everyone's priority that is involved.

There certainly are some scary and unfortunate decisions that could be made over the next few months, some that would not allow Bronny to play at all this season and even extend over the next couple of years. The fact that so little is known about the cause of his cardiac event means that experts need to take every possibility and option seriously.

However, there are also some scenarios that would allow the Young Prince to continue on the same journey he was originally very soon with just some slight changes to his daily routine. 

Benjamin Levine, a UT Southwestern Medical Center sports cardiologist, put forth one of the best-case scenarios for James that would allow him to resume his playing career as soon as possible and it would mean that his condition is something that could be treated immediately (Via Yahoo Sports).

“Certain patients with genetic disorders of the electrical system do extremely well taking simple medication,” Levine said. “Some kinds of electrical disorders are curable, but structural diseases of the heart tend to be less so.”

"Commotio cordis would also be a favorable, if exceedingly unlikely, diagnosis for Bronny because it’s not a product of any structural or electrical heart abnormalities. As Kovacs put it, commotio cordis cannot reoccur without a second “1-in-a-million lightning strike blow to exactly the wrong spot in your chest at exactly the wrong time in the cardiac cycle.”

(Via Yahoo Sports)

We certainly hope that doctors are able to pinpoint the cause soon and that there will be a plausible plan moving forward!