USC Football: Reggie Bush Not Done Fighting NCAA Even After Getting Heisman Back

How far will Bush take this fight?

Despite having his Heisman Trophy reinstated recently, former USC running back Reggie Bush is still taking the fight to the NCAA. Bush filed a defamation lawsuit against the college sports superpower, claiming that being stripped of his trophy hurt his overall image.

This all stemmed from illegal recruitment procedures that took place while Bush was at USC. But the decision to reinstate the Heisman is just the beginning of the fight that Bush has planned.

"But Thursday’s news conference, called to celebrate the trophy’s return, would prove to be more of an opening salvo than a final victory lap. The defamation lawsuit he’d filed against the NCAA eight months earlier would still march on as planned. Bush, his attorney, Ben Crump, assured, “was ready to have his day in court.”

All these years later, Bush still feels cheated by the decision of the NCAA to strip him of the trophy. It was a poor decision to have happened then and even with it reinstated, Bush wants justice for the actions.

“This is just the beginning of the journey to getting full justice,” Crump said.

Bush believes that the NCAA wronged him and wants to see those pay in the eyes of the court. Anyone alive to watch him play for the Trojans knows how dominant he was on the field so the reinstatement of the trophy is at the very least, a gesture toward him. This will be an ongoing story, with Bush taking the fight directly at the NCAA.

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