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USC Football: Caleb Williams Refers to Trojans as His "Little Children"

Williams took it upon himself to have a little fun at the expense of his former teammates.

USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams has been the talk of the upcoming NFL Draft and rightfully so. He is expected to be the first overall pick, whether the pick is made by the current holders, the Chicago Bears, or another team that trades up.

Williams has the talent to completely turn some NFL franchises around, and teams have been waiting for the chance to draft him. While at USC, he won the Heisman Trophy in 2022 and helped USC turn themselves into one of the better offenses in the entire country. 

While the NFL Draft is a serious event, there is also room for joking around. Williams has been known for his comedic personality and made sure to show fans what to expect at the next level.

Williams was at the center of some fun for the NFL's social media account and was asked what his job was. But he was only allowed to answer the question with wrong answers, so he took it upon himself to have a little fun.

"I'm a grandpa. I care of all my little children. B. Rice, MarShawn Lloyd, Solomon Byrd, C-Ro, definitely Caleb Bullock. He the baddest one. He the baddest child. Tahj Washington. I also cook. I taught Chef Tahj everything. It's Gordon Williams. Gordon Williams right here speaking to y'all on the mic."

This is the type of content that football fans will love, and it shows his personality a little more on a national level. Williams is a personable player, which should translate well to the NFL.

His being able to let loose during this time is important, and fans are grateful for it. This is the type of content that we love to see and shows a glimpse into the person behind the helmet on the field.