New Book Addresses College Admissions Scandal

Scott Wolf

The Varsity Blues scandal is still working its way through the courts, but a book was recently released that will probably become the definitive account of the wrongdoing that rocked USC and other colleges.

I spoke to Melissa Korn and Jennifer Levitz, the authors of "UNACCEPTABLE: Privilege, Deceit & the Making of the College Admissions Scandal."

The first thing I wanted to know is why former USC administrator Donna Heinel has not cut a deal with the federal govt. or given up any of her superiors?

"I'm not surprised," Levitz said. "Racketeering and conspiracy charges can carry a lot of time. 

"She's been preserving herself as someone who did this with knowledge of those above her."

Heinel's trial date has not been set yet so there is still time for her to make a deal.

Neither has former water polo coach Jovan Vavic.

"There's a group from USC that are doing this (going to trial," Levitz said.

As revealed in the book, USC has allowed some students who were accepted through mastermind Rick Singer to continue at the university.

"USC has not been really clear with what penalties have been given," Korn said.

One of the students still at USC -- Matteo Sloane -- told Korn and Levitz he would have been happy to go to UC Santa Cruz or Santa Clara.

 "I didn't want to go to the school with the best acceptance rate," he said.

Korn said while visiting USC, she was struck by how even an elevator had the name of a donor it.

"There wasn't a piece of campus you couldn't sponsor," she said.

You can order the book here.

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Who cares about these people? What a boring read. Entitled egotistical rich people, who have trouble functioning in mainstream society? Too many stories have been written about them. Let's move forward beyond this and write a new chapter in USC's history. Hopefully the Uber-rich BOT won't ruin the school further with its own sense of self-entitled decisions. They made too many bad ones. Time for a change.


Nothing has changed at SC regarding fat cat donors and their influence.
SC has been selling naming rights for everything from building entrances, benches etc over 40 years.
Only difference here is Singer was go between parents and high ranking USC administrators with nothing going to USC directly.
I hope Donna and Vuvic throws Max, Haden and Caruso under the bus.