Pac-12 Conference Games Beginning To Take Shape For Women and Men

Ryan Kostecka

The only thing that's guaranteed is that the upcoming college basketball season is going to be vastly different from the ones of the past. And the Pac-12 conference — at least on the women's side of things — is going along with the changes.

The Pac-12 announced yesterday that the women's teams are going to playing the 2020-21 conference season under an entirely new format. 

Rather than play a typical 20-game schedule, the women will be playing in a 22-game conference schedule in a "round-robin" format. That means that the Utes will play each conference team twice, once at home and once on the road. 

However, the men will stick with their typical format of playing just 20 conference games this season. The Utes will play every team at least once, but miss out on playing two teams twice. 

The conference took a vote that passed in May 2019 to expand the men's Pac-12-portion of its schedule to 20 games, up two games from where it previously was. However, the women remained at 18 games last season before moving to 22 this year. 

Conference officials continue to work on the exact details of the schedule, which should be released sometime within the next week. They're also still figuring the television broadcast details as well.

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