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Question: How was day three today?

Scalley: "We're looking for not incremental but substantial improvement in effort, running to the ball so we'll see. It's never as good as it seems, its never as bad as it seems but I liked the energy. Also, we don't have pads on so it's tough to determine the kind of defense you are without pads but I liked the energy. We've got athleticism and depth at every position group so we'll see. Put the pads on and we'll find out."

Question: Kyle talked about the other day being pretty far along for a first or second day of camp, not having to talk a lot of terminology because of so many returners. Do you feel like that on defense too?

Scalley: "At most positions. You've got a couple positions, newcomers at safety, couple newcomers at the backer spot with Barton, Diabate, a couple new additions. Connor O'Toole has moved positions but for the most part the leadership has shown up. You can tell there’s been a lot done without us. That’s how you can tell the difference between an okay team and good team that’s got a shot, is what they do on their own and they’ve done a great job.”

Question: What has Diabate shown you in a couple days of practice?

Scalley: "He is a savvy football player. Bends the right way, he's not as big as Devin but he's long, he's fast, he's quick, but you can tell he was coached up well at Florida and we are fortunate to have him."

Question: What have you seen from Clayton Isbell?

Scalley: "He covers a lot of ground. The more he understands our scheme, the more he's going to play. But with that length he poses some problems, you know, man to man coverage against tight ends and some length in the post. So he's shown up and done a nice job. He's a guy that you can coach hard too. Sometimes the newcomers you coach them hard and they look at you like you've got 10 heads. But again, there's another kid that was coached well."

Question: How has Lander come along since spring?

Scalley: "A lot more confident. You can tell. It's in the communication from player to player because the backers are always communicating. Those younger guys are usually quiet and those vets are the ones who are yelling and screaming everything. But you can tell, he's gained a lot during the offseason and he's getting much more confident."

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Question: Where's Van Fillinger in his development right now?

Scalley: "The last four games of our season is where he came on. We expect him to make plays. He's not a guy that you're like, 'Ok you're young, you're still coming a long.' He's a guy now that you should expect to make that play. He's done a great job with his body during the offseason. He's gotten stronger, the strength gains are there so we expect a big year."

Question: How's Cole Bishop doing?

Scalley: "Cole is a stud. Cole is one that makes you a better coach right? Another guy that is a student of the game, you see him in the study and film all the time. Those are great ambassadors for the University as well."

Question: How are your corners opposite of Clark Phillips III coming along?

Scalley: "Its nice to have those guys back, particularly guys that've played. Zemaiah Vaughn is a guy that was coming along really well, making plays for us, and then gets injured in the Pac-12 Championship. You get Faybian Marks back, you get JT Broughton back, so yeah. It allows us to do much more schematically. 

Question: What are you seeing from the guys who can compete for the spot opposite of Van Fillinger?

Scalley: "We've got six or seven that have a shot. Now, it's our job to get the right guys there. I love what Gabe Reid brings in terms of experience. He's also got some athleticism. Connor O'Toole, just speed off the edge, he's a wide receiver thats put on roughly thirty pounds that can run. Miki Suguturaga, very physical, he's also become a better pass rusher. I am probably leaving guys out but its a fun group. We have a little bit more speed off the edge than we've had in the past. Chase Kennedy is freshman that geez, he's got a bright future."

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