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After wearing No. 20 and then No. 0 during his time with the University of Utah, first round draft pick Devin Lloyd chose No. 33 to wear for the Jacksonville Jaguars. While many thought he might wear No. 22 and some outlets were reporting that it was in consideration, Lloyd explained his reasoning for picking the No. 33.

For those who might not know, the No. 22 became incredibly significant for the University of Utah, after two players (Ty Jordan and Aaron Lowe) who wore it for the program tragically passed away in a nine-month span. Following Lowe's funeral, Utah retired the number and #22Forever became a very meaningful phrase, one that the team played in honor of each and every day.

As previously mentioned, Lloyd shared his reasoning for selecting No. 33 instead of No. 22. While he still plans to play in honor of his teammates during his NFL career, he emphasized that 22 will forever be Jordan and Lowe's number, and that it should continue to remain their legacy.

"I really wanted to let twenty-two be Aaron and Ty's legacy. Thats their number, thats their legacy and I think it would've been an awesome representation to wear that, but thats their legacy and I don't want to touch that legacy," Lloyd said.

Lloyd then continued by explaining that he wears a red wristband in their honor, one that he received from Lowe's funeral last October.

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"I honor them and thats why I always wear this red band," Lloyd continued. "This is the red band that we got at Aaron's funeral and so thats how I honor them."

Lloyd will make his NFL debut for Jacksonville wearing No. 33 on Sunday, September 11 against the Washington Commanders.

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