Ex-Ute Ryan Lacy doubles down following Morgan Scalley decision

Ryan Kostecka

Regardless of how anybody feels about the Morgan Scalley situation, there are certain lines that should never be crossed. Former Utah defensive back Ryan Lacy is learning that the hard way after speaking out regarding Scalley being reinstated as defensive coordinator for the Utes.

Scalley was recently suspended on June 5 following allegations that he inadvertently texted a racial slur to a recruit back in 2013. 

While Scalley admitted to doing so, Utah athletic director Mark Harlan hired Kansas City based law firm Husch Blackwell to investigate the situation — particularly when former Utes came out with allegations of their own that Scalley had not only used a racial slur, but there was an under-lying racial tone back then.

Ultimately following the conclusion of the investigation, Harlan and Whittingham elected to retain Scalley as defensive coordinator, albeit with certain consequences.

That decision didn't sit well former Ute Ryan Lacy, who has been the most outspoken regarding the situation around Scalley. Lacy even alleges that Scalley directed a racial slur at him back in 2008, which was Lacy's freshman year.


After news broke that Scalley was going to be reinstated, Lacy took to Twitter to voice his opinions regarding the decision.

After voicing his opinion and standing his ground, Lacy then sent out another tweet that the safety of he and his family was being threatened.

Lastly, Lacy then tweeted that he wasn't going to back down based on the threats, stating that he's going to keep speaking his truth and will not be silenced.

After many on Twitter took to discrediting Lacy's claims, both about Scalley and the perceived threats, Lacy sent a screenshot of what he and his family are going through
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The University of Utah twitter account finally responded to Lacy's claims, stating how they disagree with anyone attacking Lacy.

During the course of the investigation, Lacy was contacted and questioned by Husch Blackwell. He was given the chance to tell his side of the story, although Scalley denied ever saying that in the investigation. The investigation also interviewed three other former Utes who were told by Lacy what Scalley called him, but they couldn't collaborate if it was true or not as none of them were present during the time of the alleged incident.

Regardless of how people feel about Scalley or Lacy, attacking the man and his family is not the way to go about things. This is terrible and I would hope that some within the football program, whether it be former players or current coaches — or Scalley himself — tell people to leave Lacy alone.


This entire situation has been terrible all the way around, but this is no way to handle and deal with it. If you support Scalley being reinstated, then leave Lacy alone because you got what you wanted. If you don't support Scalley being reinstated and believe Lacy, then support him. There is no room in society for that language and to attack people — BE BETTER!!!

To hear Lacy's in-depth take on the situation, tune into the Crimson Corner podcast with KSL Sports' Trevor Allen on Thursday afternoon

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