FB Video: Former Utah RB Zack Moss runs the 40

Ryan Kostecka

It wasn't exactly the showing Zack Moss was hoping for.

In front of all sorts of NFL personnel, the former Utah running back turned a dismal 4.65 second time in the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine in late February. For a running back with all his skills, the time was devastating to Moss.

But, it came out later that he had tweaked his hamstring during the vertical jump portion of the combine — which came before the 40-yard dash.

Moss was hoping to make amends and show off the speed that fans and opponents had become accustomed too at Utah's pro day. But that day would never come due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shutting down Utah's pro day among other NCAA and Utah athletic events.

With the NFL draft not being delayed, Moss needed an opportunity to showcase his true speed to scouts and GM's alike. That's why once he was all healed, he elected to run an electronically-timed 40-yard dash.

And it was worth it.

According to a video on Mike Garafolo's twitter account, Moss clocked in a 4.52 time. He had splits of 1.6, 2.63 and 3.61 every 10 yards.

That's more than a good enough time to consider Moss a late first-round to second-round projection.

Video courtesy of Mike Garafolo Twitter account