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How Utah's Money Parks has taken fall camp by storm

As the most talked about player in Utah's fall camp, wide receiver Money Parks shared how he is taking his game to the next level.
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Throughout every Utah camp there's usually a player or two who take the scene by storm and step into the spotlight. While Devaughn Vele and freshmen like Jaylon Glover and Lander Barton stole the show during spring, wide receiver Money Parks has been one of the most talked about players in terms of taking his game to the next level. Receiving praise from teammates like Cameron Rising, Vele and head coach Kyle Whittingham, Parks has been attracting a lot of attention.

"If you guys would have seen the development he's made it's amazing. When he first got here, you could definitely see he was like that freshman. He didn't really understand the plays. He was just using his athleticism to get him out of a lot of situations. But now, this is the first time in fall camp. I even told him himself, It's like we're watching him grow up in front of our eyes right now. I remember when he first got here and now the plays that he's making now, It's like stuff is just like, that's how you understand respecting the process that we always talk about. When you respect the process, the game is going to take care of you and it's definitely doing that for Money Parks right now," Vele said.

In order to truly appreciate how far Parks has come, one must recognize where he's been. In two seasons with the Utes, Parks has only made one catch for 12 yards despite appearing in 13 games over that period of time. While that catch was a touchdown, Parks clearly hasn't been a consistent target in the passing game.

So what has Parks done in order to change that? According to Rising, Parks has primarily focused on his route running, which combined with his speed, has made him a dangerous target.

"Money has always been fast and quick but I think he knows how to use his hands. Really took the offseason just to make sure he's improving his route running because he's getting open almost on will and its just good to see that," Rising said.

For Parks, the difference has been sharpening his focus and taking his development process more seriously. Like Vele said, 'When you respect the process, the game is going to take care of you.'

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"Fall camp is going great," Parks said. "I'm just focusing on my alignments better, being more consistent day by day at practice...I'm just taking the game more seriously, knowing why I am doing something, not just doing it. That's what's making me better I feel like, that's what is making the game slow down more."

In addition to elevating his game as a receiver, Parks name was mentioned by both special teams coordinator Sharrieff Shah and head coach Kyle Whittingham as someone who is being considered to field returns. With his speed and consistency, Parks could be an elusive and dangerous returner. 

"I feel like I am good at that because I have the speed to do it and the quickness...I'm just trying to fill Covey's shoes. That will be a hard thing to do but I think I can do it...speed and vision [are my greatest attributes as a returner]," Parks said.

For Parks, the opportunity is there. Outside of Solomon Enis and Vele, the wide receiver group is looking for contributions. While there is some talented competition inside the room with guys like Makai Cope, Tiquan Gilmore and several new freshmen, Parks appears to be on track to fulfill a much needed role behind the leaders.

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