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Kyle Whittingham provides an update on the QB2 situation and other standouts from Saturday's scrimmage

In week three of Fall Camp, Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham addressed the media, focusing heavily on the QB2 battle and Saturday's scrimmage.

Question: How was the scrimmage on Saturday?

Kyle Whittingham: "Very good. A good scrimmage, got a lot of work done, came out healthy which is always the number one objective. This team has worked hard all camp long, we're 11 practices in or thereabouts. I like where we are right now, got a long ways to go obviously, but we're in a good position right now 11 days in, 14 to go of preparation before we play."

Question: Andy Ludwig said you guys have a couple of positions open along the offensive line, left guard, right tackle, how's that coming along?

Kyle Whittingham: "It's not a situation where we are looking for a guy to get it done, we've got several guys who can get it done, we're just trying to see whose going to be the guy that takes ownership at the positions."

Question: What more do you need to see from Bryson Barnes and Ja'Quinden Jackson to figure out that backup position?

Kyle Whittingham: "Reps. Just more reps. They both had outstanding scrimmages. Really, those are the two guys that are competing, it's down to them exclusively for the number two guy. We'll have an answer coming up in the next scrimmage on Saturday with exactly how we are going to approach it."

Question: Did anybody pop in the scrimmage on Saturday thats maybe had a really good fall camp or really jumped out to you?

Kyle Whittingham: "Sataoa Laumea was dominant at guard. Mo Diabate played exceptional, Cole Bishop, Money Parks is really starting to do some good things. That’s been one of the brightest spots of camp is the way he’s stepped up and elevated his game.”

Question: Who would you say that starting linebackers are right now?

Kyle Whittingham: "No, we won't have a depth chart probably not even before the game. We're just gonna go into the game. I mean we'll know obviously, but there's no reason to announce it. We've got six guys that are really playing well, Mo Diabate is one of them, Karene Reid, Lander Barton, Justin Medlock and then two or three other guys are in the mix that are doing a good job."

Question: Speaking of Reid's, how's Gabe Reid picking things up?

Kyle Whittingham: "Picking up good but he's been on the shelf for awhile. We've gotta get him back, he's got some nagging injuries going on but the practices has been available he's been very good."

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Question: Who is stepping up in his absence?

Kyle Whittingham: "Connor O'Toole. He's been playing very well. Van [Fillinger] of course is playing very well and Jonah Elliss. Those three guys. Miki Suguturaga...on the defensive side of the ball he's probably the equivalent of Money Parks as far as a guy thats been a real bright spot for us."

Question: How much confidence do you have in a guy like Bryson Barnes?

Kyle Whittingham: "Yeah, he didn't have a lot of work but he did a great job [in the Rose Bowl]. He marched us right down the field. From what we've seen and how he performs in practice we have a lot of confidence in him but JJ (Ja'Quinden Jackson) is one of the most improved players on the team and he's made a lot of progress during the summer. Between spring ball and now, he's grown a great deal." 

Question: Do you feel like you've got some potential replacements for Britain Covey in the return game?

Kyle Whittingham: "We hope so and we'll find out. Devaughn Vele has taken reps back there, Money Parks is taking reps, Jaylen Dixon, Clark Phillips so we've got four or five guys competing. There's not one guy that's really said, 'Hey I'm the guy,' and taken charge but we've got four or five good options and we hope to continue to narrow that down."

Question: What did you see from the running backs on Saturday?

Kyle Whittingham: "A lot of good stuff. Tavion Thomas had an outstanding day. Jaylon Glover was very good. Micah [Bernard] was good. Chris Curry. Charlie Vincent has been on the shelf for a little bit but he should be back and Ricky Parks did some good things as well."

Question: How does Cam's knowledge and experience help you guys as coaches with him almost being able to be a coach on the field?

Kyle Whittingham: "Its a huge advantage and he's done a great job. He knows the offense inside and out, he's got everything down pat, now its just a matter of continuing to rep it and develop that chemistry with the receivers, tight ends and thats a big plus for us to move at an accelerated pace."

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