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Pac-12 announces partnership with Fulgent Genetics

Nearly a month after announcing a partnership with Quidel for COVID-19 testing, the Pac-12 has announced another partnership, this time with Fulgent Genetics to further its on-going health and well-being initiative efforts

The Pac-12 has just strengthened its on-going health and well-being initiative efforts when it announced a partnership with Fulgent Genetics on Wednesday.

Fulgent Genetics will provide the Pac-12 and its teams RT-PCR testing capabilities — with the expectation that this will supplement the existing PCR and antigen testing capabilities already in place due to the its partnership with Quidel Corporation.

“We are excited to be partnering with a leading testing company in Fulgent to provide our athletic departments with the very best capabilities to protect the health and well-being of our student-athletes,” Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said. “On the heels of our agreement with Quidel to provide rapid-results testing, today’s announcement represents another important step in providing a safe and healthy environment for a return to competition for our student-athletes.”

The Pac-12 partnered with Quidel nearly a month ago, where they will provide rapid testing with results back within 15 minutes to all Pac-12 programs. The machines are currently on the campuses of the 12 schools with certifications currently being done.

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The partnership with Fulgent just furthers the Pac-12's commitment to keeping its players and coaches safe and healthy as they attempt to begin the college football season on Nov. 6/7.

“Routine, rapid testing is playing a key role in limiting the spread of COVID-19 and is helping to keep players, coaches and staff safe as they look to return to competition. The Pac-12 has implemented several protocols in this area, and the RT-PCR testing provided by Fulgent Genetics is an important part of this process,” said Brandon Perthuis, Chief Commercial Officer of Fulgent Genetics. “RT-PCR is regarded as the gold standard in COVID-19 testing, providing the highest level of sensitivity and specificity. At Fulgent, we have built technology platforms around our test to make it scalable for the Pac-12, which allows us to deliver results within 24 hours of receipt of the sample for testing. We are excited to partner with the Pac-12 and look forward to helping keep their athletic programs running safely.”

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