Utah OL Nick Ford settles the score with Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott

Ryan Kostecka

When Pac-12 players throughout the conference banded together to form the #WeAreUnited leadership committee two weeks ago, the idea was to have representatives for each team in the group.

Nick Ford, a starting offensive lineman for the Utes, was more than happy to assume that role. It's a very similar role he's played within the locker room dynamic already, serving as a leader of the team that when he speaks, EVERYONE listens.

While serving as a valuable member of the leadership committee, Ford has been outspoken regarding the #WeAreUnited and #WeWantToPlay movements. He's been a catalyst in getting both off the ground and helping establish a college football players union — something the sport desperately needs.

Throughout the process, Ford has been met with disdain and negativity for being one of the outspoken leaders. But one person he figured he wouldn't have serious issues with was Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott — and that proved wrong.

The #WeAreUnited leadership group held a meeting on August 6 with four conference officials; Scott, Arizona State athletic director Ray Anderson, Utah athletic director Mark Harlan and Pac-12 assistant commissioner Chris Merino, the league’s liaison to student-athlete groups.

The group, with Ford helping lead the way, made sure that Scott knew they weren't happy regarding that results of Thursday's meeting. In another email they sent out on Friday to Scott and the conference, the players described their feelings as "disappointed" and "deeply concerned."

Ford doubled down on that take a few days ago when on a radio broadcast with KSL Unrivaled...

“I have no respect left for Larry Scott after saying that remark to me which is completely disrespectful and uncalled for in a business-like environment,” Ford said on Tuesday. “I personally don’t think he truly wanted to give us the time of day. It took a while for him to come across to us and then when he finally talked to us, he gave his whole seal and closed for a while. And it didn’t really seem like he addressed what we were talking about unless it was met with, you know, an attitude or a mark.”

But then news dropped yesterday that Scott reached out to Ford to speak with him. According to Ford, the talk went extremely well and reinforced Ford's belief in not only Scott, but the plan the conference has moving forward.

Where Ford and the rest of the #WeAreUnited committee goes from here is anybody's guess. But the one thing that's certain is that Ford and the leadership group has the full attention of Scott and have made it clear that they don't pan on going anywhere anytime soon.

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