FB Video: Part 1 — Should the College Football Playoff be expanded?

Ryan Kostecka

Beginning in 2014, it was announced that a new format would be used to determine the national champion. After much discussion, there would be a college football playoff featuring the top four teams in the country — and three games later a national champion would be crowned.

A 13-member committee would be the officiants who decided which teams would be in the among the final four chosen.

After six years, it appears that this change was only partially complete. 

According to a report by Brett McMurphy of the Stadium, 88% of the 112 (out of 130) athletic directors throughout the country are in favor of an expanded college football playoff. The favorite seems to be expanding to an eight-team playoff, and I fully support that concept.

While this is all pure speculation with no vote or decision coming within the near future, it's fun to think about the possibility of an 8-team playoff.

Here is my idea...

8 Teams (No particular order)
1.) Pac-12 Champion
2.) SEC Champion
3.) ACC Champion
4.) Big-12 Champion
5.) Big-10 Champion
6.) Highest-ranked Group-of-5 team
7.) At-large No. 1
8.) At-large No. 2

Everything stays the same regarding the rankings system and who decides that poll, but the two at-large teams are the highest ranked teams with winning their conference championship.

The first four games will be played by kicking off the college bowl season, with the semifinals coming at the end of December and the national championship staying where it's at.

All six games (quarterfinals and semifinals) can be played as the New Years Six bowl games; Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl.