Zack Moss could be the steal of multiple fantasy football drafts

Ryan Kostecka

Before Zack Moss heard his name called at the 2020 NFL draft, nine other running backs had their phones ring with news of where they would be embarking on their professional carers.

But then with the No. 86 pick in the third round, Moss' phone rang and the Buffalo Bills were on the other line letting him know where he would be beginning his NFL life.

Although he's expected to split time with Devin Singletary, there have been rumblings that when the Bills drafted Moss, it was to make him the primary running back. And when combined with the running capabilities of quarterback Josh Allen and added wide receiver Stefon Diggs, Buffalo's offense is looking scary.

“Correct me if I’m wrong but I think [Moss] had zero fumbles [in his college career]. You like the ball security. ... There were a couple guys in this draft that had some really good plays but were issues, we had concerns with the ball security,” general manager Brandon Beane told beat reporters. “I love his physicality. I like that he takes care of the ball. So, you know I think more of the goal line and things like that as we did with Frank last year, you’ll see Zack do."

But with Singletary's elusiveness and skillset, that should make for a dynamic combination with Moss' physical presence. Right now it's expected that Singletary will be the starter, especially after coming into his own in the latter half of last season — but don't be shocked in Moss actually gets more carries and takes over that starting role at some point.

His ability to catch the ball out of the backfield while staying in to pass protect makes Moss a viable "three-down" running back. Coming back for his senior season, he was really able to showcase his ability to turn into a receiver as his quarterback at Utah, Tyler Huntley, consistently found Moss out of the backfield for big gains.

Also, with the strength of Buffalo's offensive line, Moss should be the go-to back in the fourth quarter when the Bills have the lead and want to bleed the clock. His ability to run through the tackles and keep hold of the ball are huge assets to any team looking to close out games.

“Zack, I think he’s a very good complement to Devin. Devin has that shiftiness. Zack’s gonna be more of that banging in there. Not that he can’t dodge, but he’s going to lower that shoulder and try to, a little bit like Frank did at an older age for us,” said Beane. “He’s going to be more of the physical [type]. He’s not necessarily going to try to avoid contact. He can but I think his best thing is, in the end, [physicality].”

With the NFL season fast approaching, literally three weeks away, it means that another football season is about to get started as well — fantasy football season.

According to a report by Andy Behrens on Yahoo Sports, Moss has the potential to be one of the biggest fantasy football sleepers in the league...

"Moss is really the one guy on this sleeper list I need to land in a draft, or it feels like failure. He's a second-day pick stepping into what might very well be a substantial (and fantasy-friendly) role in Buffalo's backfield. Last season, Frank Gore handled 18 carries inside the 10-yard line for the Bills, while Devin Singletary saw only three. Moss is an obvious candidate to see high-value carries in goal-to-go situations in 2020. He was an unsolvable problem near the end-zone at the collegiate level."

Clyde Edwards-Helaire was the first running back chosen, and the only to be taken in the first round when the Kansas City Chiefs scooped him up. When paired with the former Super Bowl champs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Edwards-Helaire holds a lot of fantasy value as a guy who can do it all in Kansas City's offense.

Other options include; Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts, D’Andre Swift of the Detroit Lions, Cam Akers of the Los Angeles Rams and J.K. Dobbins of the Baltimore Ravens.

Both Swift and Akers might have some trouble finding their footing as they'll be running behind some offensive lines that have struggled in the past. Also, they're part of offenses that are somewhat one-dimensional and struggling to find an identity so their value could go down.

Taylor will be running behind what could be the best offensive line in the NFL in Indianapolis. And when paired with new quarterback Philip Rivers' ability to throw the ball downfield, Taylor could face a lot of empty boxes.

Dobbins is the wildcard as he's paired with reigning MVP in quarterback Lamar Jackson. With Jackson rewriting the record books when it comes to rushing for quarterbacks, teams may key so much on him and free up Dobbins to do some major damage. But he will be sharing time with engrossed starter Mark Ingram, which could fantasy issues.

With all of that being said, don't be surprised if somehow Moss makes some big time noise among rookie running backs and finishes among the top of them when its all said and done.

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Hope ur right SI. I just drafted him on my fantasy team in 5th round


Ignoring every piece of advice from this author because he cannot even spell players' names correctly


It's Stefon Diggs, not Stephon Diggs. It's Jonathan Taylor, not Jonathan Martin. How do you have a job with Sports Illustrated does no one edit?

Jacob Football
Jacob Football

The Colts RB is named Jonathan Taylor, not Martin.