Gym Video: Tom Farden earns Pac-12 honor

Ryan Kostecka

It was nearly a perfect season.

If not for the COVID-19 pandemic — and its resulting shutdown of the Pac-12 and NCAA Championships — Utah was considered a legitimate contender

The Red Rocks, in coach Tom Farden's first season as their sole leader, clinched the Pac-12 regular season championship with an undefeated record. 

Because of this, Farden was named the Pac-12 Coach of the Year, the first Ute to win since 2015. He now joins former Utes Greg and Megan Marsden as conference coaches of the years.

For the past five years, Farden was the co-head coach with Megan Marsden. Once she decided to retire this past offseason, Farden assumed sole duties and did a masterful job, With a strong blend of returning talent and incomers, Farden shaped the Red Rocks into one of the best and most feared teams in the nation. 

Video courtesy of Pac-12 Network Twitter


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