Utah showing support for George Floyd and #BLM

Ryan Kostecka

Our country is in trouble, and there's no other way to put it.

The racial injustice that has recently occurred with the senseless death of George Floyd following the COVID-19 pandemic has everyone in the nation either out protesting, rioting and looting or on the edge of their seats at home taking it all in.

The University of Utah has joined multiple colleges throughout the country in not remaining silent on the subject. Rather, they've expressed their concern and support, and have come together as a family to deliver one message.

The Pac-12 conference also released a joint statement from not only the conference, but also the athletic directors.

Mark Harlan, Utah's athletic director, has also commented on the topic, tweeting "SLC is not immune to the hopelessness & fear of the underrepresented communities. As a leader, I need to do more, everyday, to be more aware & act on their behalf.I strongly urge all to protest peacefully & avoid the violence we are seeing. Causing more pain is not the path."

Joining Harlan in releasing statements was Utah mens head basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak and Utah womens head basketball coach Lynne Roberts.

Utah football head coach Kyle Whittingham, arguably the most well-known public figure from the University, also got in on the movement by tweeting out his support.

Nobody knows how this will end or what the next steps in society will be. But what can be made sure is that Utah will be a part of the positive change moving forward.


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