Video: According to reports, return of MLB may be closer than we think

Ryan Kostecka

The return may be closer than we think.

According to multiple reports on Monday evening, Major League Baseball is largely discussing a plan to begin play again in May. 

While details are scarce, it appears that the idea is to have all 30 teams play at multiple complexes in front of no fans in Arizona for the time being. The teams and their respective personnel would be housed in facilities or hotels and have very limited contact with people from the outside world.

With the reports circulating online, Major League Baseball released a statement on Tuesday morning saying that while multiple scenarios are being discussed, nothing has yet to be decided on.

There's no way to understand if this is a realistic possibility or just an overly optimistic way of raising the morale of everyone in the sports world — regardless, any positive news in the sports world is something we can all get behind and be grateful for. 


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