Video: How do the athletes get back into physical condition?

Ryan Kostecka

These are unprecedented times but at some point, life will go back to normal and for all sports fans, sports will resume. It's a day that we are counting down to, a day we are looking forward to having and planning on how we will spend it.

But while we are making all of these plans and figuring out what to do and what to eat, the question that isn't being asked is what about the athletes? How do the athletes get back into peak physical condition to perform at a high level without risking injury?

Much like all of us normal people, these athletes aren't out receiving their typical amount of training. They're stuck in quarantine right now, doing the same basic home workouts that we are doing — and we are in no way ready to perform at the highest of levels in sports.

Sports Illustrated's Luis Michael Echegaray and contributor Brian Burnsed tackle this issue and talk about what this means for the athletes that we can't wait to watch, cheer and bet on.


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