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In his very first exclusive podcast "All Aboard the J-Train", Utah running back Jaylon Glover was joined by his mother Wendy to discuss his upbringing, high school career, and why he chose to attend the University of Utah. While the podcast is full of intimate and interesting details, such as why Glover wears No. 1 and how he is a talented dancer, Glover also shared how he's feeling about his commitment after his first spring camp with the Utes.

Coming out of high school, Glover had 43 total offers from schools such as Michigan State, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Washington State and of course, Florida and Florida State. While many thought Glover would stay close to home and chose to be a Gator or Seminole, he shocked the world and decided to become a Ute. 

However, that took some time for Glover to accept as he knew early on it was the school for him, but feeling confident in a program that was far and unfamiliar took awhile to process.

"I wasn't locked in on Utah for awhile," Glover said. "I wanted to stay close to home and I was trying to neglect it. I knew it was the place for me but I kept trying to find its flaws and why it wasn't the place for me."

As Glover continued in the decision process, he received some advice that made a huge difference. Glover was encouraged to inquire of his parents which school they felt like would be best for him. Despite the distance, the Glovers told Jaylon that Salt Lake City was the place he should go.

"When I went to Utah I got all the goosebumps. I thought, 'I think this is it.' Why would I want my son 3,000 miles from me? I cannot even tell you to this day but that is the school I felt the most comfortable with and out of all the visits we had. I said, 'I dont know why Jaylon but Utah seems like the place you should go.'" Wendy Glover said.

"He kept trying to find reasons why he shouldn't but even when I had seen him there on his visit, I had just seen something in him that he felt very comfortable there also," Wendy continued.

As most people are aware, mom always knows best and Wendy was spot on with her insight. Following his first spring camp, Jaylon orchestrated one of the most impressive performances on the team and turned a lot of heads in just a short span. While the majority of the credit obviously goes to Jaylon, the program followed through on their promises and Jaylon couldn't be more pleased with his decision to join Utah.

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“My whole upbringing has always been family. When I was being recruited, they [Utah] were really family oriented…as I’m there now nothing has changed. Everything in the recruiting process…is coming to fruition as they were telling me…this was my best decision," Glover said.

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