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This past weekend, the University of Utah hosted a number of recruits, including highly talented and sought after three-star running back Marquise Collins from College Station, TX. After recently making his top-five last week, Collins was impressed with his visit and recognized a fantastic opportunity to join a talented running back room.

"Having an opportunity to play for Utah means a lot to me, especially knowing the history of running backs there. I think that brings great opportunity for me be able to get developed and compete," Collins explained.

In addition to the impressive history of talented running backs, Collins was also impressed with the culture of the program, their facilities and the fans, noting that those were different compared to some of the other schools.

"How much the people love football just as much as the program does. The facilities, field, etc. are different than what I've seen on the campus I've been on...The weather was great and the city was beautiful, it’s nice out there in Salt Lake City," Collins said.

As for the coaching staff, Collins mentioned the way they go about things and the goals they have for the future. According to Collins, head coach Kyle Whittingham reminds him of one of his former coaches while running backs coach Quinton Ganther has developed a deep relationship with the young back, and is someone he trusts in terms of achieving his goals.

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"They’re a staff that’s going to keep it real and all have big goals for the future of Utah football," Collins said. "Coach Whitt reminds me of my old head coach, he hasn’t changed a bit since the last time I was up there. Me and Coach Ganther have been building on this relationship for some time so I know he’ll push me hard to get to where I’m trying to be."

As for when he plans to make his decision, the No. 45 ranked running back from the class of 2023 plans to announce where he'll be committing after he makes the remainder of his top-five visits this summer.

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