The Question of Charles Wright and Graduation

Greg Arias

The question most asked since the story broke naming Charles Wright in a rape and sexual assault case has been, was the former football player allowed to remain on campus and graduate from Vanderbilt after being expelled in the wake of the Title IX findings against him?

The issue arose over the weekend when comments from his female accuser were posted on Twitter. For his part, Wright has yet to respond to requests for comment, but following an investigation by the Title IX office of the university, Wright was expelled from school and banned reportedly banned from campus. 

However, according to a source, Wright was allowed to participate in the Commodores football pro-day as an unaffiliated guest, which was authorized by athletic department personnel.

As for graduation, a source with knowledge has informed Commodore Country that Wright was not allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies and has not received his diploma from the university. However, he reportedly has completed all requirements necessary to earn his degree and graduate. 

Wright's expulsion has remained intact, and despite appeals, he has, as of yet, not received his degree, and it is unclear if he will. 

The source also indicates that there have been two appeals on Wright's behalf attempting to gain his diploma. Both have been denied. 

According to Vanderbilt University Student Handbook for 2019-2020, chapter 7: Sexual Misconduct and Intimate Partner Violence covers appeals. 

"Student parties have the right to appeal the determination by the Title IX Office and the sanction (if any) rendered by Student Accountability. Student parties will be notified simultaneously in writing of this right and the procedures for appeal. Faculty, staff, and postdoctoral fellows/trainee parties may not use this process to appeal adverse decisions under this policy. However, they will be notified if the student party submits an appeal."

While it seems Wright has exhausted all options available through the university process, legal action could become an option at some point.

Attempts to reach Wright for comment have gone unanswered as of this publication. 

This is a continuing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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