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Three Predictions: SEC Week Four

Something to chew on.
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Now that the Vanderbilt Commodores and Missouri Tigers have had their game postponed because of COVID-19 issues, it changes the way we are doing things this week because, frankly, it would be kind of stupid and a waste of time previewing a game that won't take place for almost two more months.

To replace those game previews, let us jump into the conference and give you some predictions for the upcoming weekend of games. After all, the first three weeks have been some of the most interesting we've seen in years.

Here are three predictions for this coming weekend around the SEC, and they aren't who's going to win- those will come later- as we try to think beyond the norm.


1) Bama-Georgia-The Next Chapter: Welcome to the SEC Game of the Decade 2020 edition, because it seems we get another game for the ages each season. However, this one has the chance to be one of those games and live up to the hype.

Alabama's offense with Mac Jones at the controls is averaging a whopping 51 points per game. With due respect to Ole Miss, Bama has the best offense in the conference. However, Georgia has the best defense, and it's unlikely that the Tide reaches their season average in points in this one.

On the other side of the football, the Tide defense is reeling after being dismantled last week by Ole Miss. While not equal to Bama, Georiga's offense is better than most give them credit for being. It sets up two fascinating situations when either side has the football.

PREDICTION: Bama doesn't score 51; Georgia manages to score points, but not like the Rebels last week. This one lives up to the hype and is an all-timer, but not like the 9-6 LSU win in 2012. Fans of scoring will actually like this one, but old school defensive-minded people might cringe a bit.

2) Both Sides Desperately Needs This One: When LSU enters The Swamp Saturday, the Tigers will be looking to salvage their season. Yes, it's hard to imagine writing that sentence after last season, but that's where Ed Orgeron and his program find themselves in 2020.

Coming off last week's shocker to Missouri, the Tigers now have two losses. A third would be significant, especially considering their remaining schedule, including Bama, Auburn, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, and a fast-improving Arkansas squad.

For the Gators, who suffered their first loss of the season last week in College Station, Dan Mullen's team can ill afford to drop another in consecutive weeks if they are to have any chance of making it to Atlanta. The good news for Florida is Georiga getting Alabama. A Florida win and a Georgia loss would set up their game versus the Dogs for the East lead.

Simultaneously, a Gators loss and a Georiga win would put the swamp creatures two-games behind, so to say the Florida faithful are Alabama fans this week might be an understatement.

PREDICTION: Too much Florida and too much Swamp. The LSU derailment will continue, though Myles Brennan and the Tigers offense will expose further the Florida defense's defensive issues. Look for this to be a higher scoring game than the game mentioned above.

3) Who Are These Guys: Tennessee and Kentucky have each had their moments, with the Vols winning what appeared to be two layup games against Missouri and South Carolina, while the Cats dropped a pair to Auburn and Ole Miss.

These two teams don't like each other, and there will be some heated moments as they try to decide which team they are. Are these the good Vols, or the one we watched fall apart in the second half last week?

On the other side, are these the Auburn Cats or the one we saw last week that shut out Mike Leach'es Mississippi State offense?

PREDICTION: This one won't be an all-timer, but I'me betting it will be fun, and when the dust settles in Knoxville, we will know much more about both teams. I predicted Kentucky as an early-season mover and that they would finish ahead of Tennessee. Terry Wilson has his breakout game here and puts up big numbers- for him and the Cats- throwing the football.