Vanderbilt Releases Depth Chart: Out Take-Aways

Greg Arias

The first depth chart of the season for Vanderbilt football has been released, and to say that Derek Mason was true to his words would be an understatement. The chart contains the answers to some questions, along with some interesting moves, but the biggest question remains shrouded in mystery. 


The biggest question for the Commodores remains the biggest mystery, and while the depth chart has the names of the four quarterback contenders listed, can we take anything at all from the order?

The rumors and most speculation centers around freshman Ken Seals, getting the call on Saturday, but if you go by the order listed on the depth chart, the Texas native won't likely see the field after warmups in his home state as he is listed in the third spot. 

 Fellow freshman Mike Wright holds the top line of the four quarterbacks on the depth chart, but, and that could be a big one because below his name is the word or, which also appears between all four quarterbacks. 

Jeremy Mussa and Danny Clark, the two JUCO transfers, occupy their second and fourth positions, respectively but remember the "or" designations alongside each.

Who starts? It looks like we will have to wait till Saturday night and see which one trots out onto the Kyle Field turf to find the answer. 


No surprises here with Jamari Wakefiled, Keon Henry-Brooks, and Ja'Veon Marlow set to share duties here. 


Cam Johnson leads the group that will contain Tyrell Alexander and Chris Pierce Jr. as the other starters. 


Again, no surprises with Ben Bresnahan and Gavin Schoenwald listed one and two with Justin Bell and Joel DeCouursey listed at the third position with the "or" designation between them.


Besides quarterback, the most significant question mark is the offensive line where former defensive lineman Drew Birchmeier seems poised to start at left guard along with Dan Dawkins at right guard, Grant Miller at the center, and Tyler Steen at right tackle.  

The left tackle position appears up in the air between Brayden Bapst and Ben Cox. 

Of course, this is subject to change between now and kickoff, but the best lineman would seem to be Tyler Steen, who is at right tackle instead of the left, or blindside of three of the four right-handed quarterbacks. 

Could this be a tell that Clark- the lefty- will get the start? 

Maybe, maybe not, we don't know. 


The depth here is evident this time around, as there are nine players listed on the defensive line, while nine more are listed as linebackers, and there are eleven defensive backs listed on the depth chart. 

The surprises? 

None other than Frank Coppet, who is returning after missing last season with an injury. Last week Mason praised Coppet and called him a coach on the field, but he will not start. The senior is currently second on the chart at safety behind Deshaun Jerkins. 

Junior Max Worship holds the other safety position following the transfer of Tae Daley. Worship will be backed up by a pair of talented true freshmen in Donovan Kaufman and De'Ricky Wright, who will likely see action immediately. 


The remaining questions will be answered Saturday night, and how well the offensive line can figure things out will likely be the biggest key to the contest. 

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