Hope, Optimism, Facts, Politics And Sports In The Fight Against COVID-19

Greg Arias

Indulge me if you will as I step somewhat outside the world of sports, and even my comfort zone of writing to probe a different and more important topic that is directly impacting our society, and sports at the moment. 

Let's be clear from the jump; what we are currently facing as a nation is a problem for all of us. It's not a problem or some or just those of other countries; it's a problem for the world where we are all tied together for better or worse, like it or not. 

That includes all walks of life, from the sports fans to the none sports fans and everything else, so writing this today, I decided to share some thoughts on the current state of our precarious predicament. 


We must have faith, something to hold on to that there are indeed better times coming, and hopefully sooner than later. A belief that our families, friends, neighbors, and loved ones will also make it through to the other side with us.  


As sports fans, we are optimistic that things will be better and that we lose no more of the games and seasons that matter to us because sports are important too, and a part of our lifestyles. 

Of course, people need optimism during this time outside of sports, for whatever they cherish to be returned to them soon. 


There are so many stories bouncing around the web that it is often hard to know what is fact and what might be inaccurate or incorrect. 

We hear so much news in each 24-hour cycle where we are inundated with statistics of the virus that change daily. 

It's downright scary, and some people are struggling to cope with the continuous coverage. 

We all need the facts, but we also need a break, a break that would usually be provided by our favorite sports or hobbies that are simply not available to us right now, and that makes a tough, scary situation worse. 


The current political landscape in our nation is one of great division and conflict in a time when we, as a nation, need more unity, caring, and working together to survive these times. 

I'm not a politician or a political writer but was struck by a comment I heard on a recent news show that at least for me encapsulated what I feel about the current politicization of our current situation. 

"This is not a  Republican or a Democrat problem, but a partisan problem when two sides fail the American people and then blame each other when they fall short in times of crisis."

It's my humble opinion that both side, because of the perpetual state of inattention to their oaths of office, they have failed us all.  


We, as sports fans, are partisan toward our teams, regardless of college or pro, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, NASCAR, you name it. We like and support who we want and do so blindly and passionately. 

It's why we are called fans, short for fanatics, and it best describes the passion we have for the things we care about most in our personal lives.

But fanaticism and our partisan nature don't just stop at the end of a sporting event; it permeates other areas of our lives and beliefs.    

Perhaps it's time, we as a nation put down our partisan hats, pick up a new lid, one of a non-partisan nature and join the same team until this crisis has bast. 

We can pick back up with partisan support in the future when there aren't more important things we could be doing as a nation. 

I know that doesn't happen in sports fandom, but maybe just once more, we can pull it off as a nation as we did on 9/11 and work together on this one crisis for the future of our country and the world as a whole. 


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