Saturday Mash: Some Funny Tidbits From Sports

Greg Arias

While sports are on this extended hiatus during these crazy days of this COVID-19 pandemic, we thought rather than writing something on a Saturday it would be fun to do and mash, or mush of videos and tidbits from the world of sports to give you something visual to watch to help pass some time while you're stranded inside your homes. 

So without further ado, here are some sports tidbits and videos for your enjoyment. 

Sonny Gray Can Hit, Off His Young Son Who Didn't Like It Much

Former Vanderbilt star and current Cincinnati Reds pitcher Sonny Gray goes deep, on his son Gunnar, who takes exception to dad's homerun trot. 

Peyton Manning Goes Back To School

Yes, I know he's a VOl, but he's funny and he is an all-time great even though he played in Knoxville. 

Missing Baseball, But You Can't Hit The Curve EIther

Zack Greinke is just nasty. 

Happy At Home

Justin Verlander said it best himself.

Taiwan Women's Basketball Fail 

Defending champion Fo Guang University faced Xinxin University, the team it defeated in the final last year, in the title game on Sunday.

Xinxin led by one point in the closing seconds and couldn’t get a shot to fall that would have extended the lead to three. Fo Guang collected the rebound, found a wide-open teammate with an outlet pass and had a fastbreak layup opportunity for the win at the buzzer. And the ball bounced off the rim. 


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