Vanderbilt Hustler "Isolated Together" Question

Greg Arias

In light of the current state in our nation and the world, it seems we could all use a little fun about right now. Enter the folks from The Vanderbilt Hustler- the student newspaper from the university-who posted an interesting question on social media on Tuesday, which led me to think of something a bit more fun to share.

The question surrounded being "Isolated" in a house with current Commodores coaches and some former coaches or players from various sports.

There are some exciting and intriguing options here to be sure, and it would be interesting for anyone joining each house.

Having sat in his office with Tim Corbin and listened to him talk Vanderbilt baseball, he would be at the top of the list of people you wouldn't mind being around for some period.

His Rolodex of former players and their continued close relationship could provide some FaceTime conversations with any one of his old Vandy Boys, and that would be worth the isolation alone. House 4 is definitely in the running for me.

House one with Derek Mason, who I have enjoyed my limited interactions with along with Dansby Swanson, Oren Burks, and Brandt Snedeker, would also bring some exciting opportunities for conversations, especially with Swanson for a Braves fan like myself.

But the house that most interests me would have to be House three.

I've never met Coach White outside of a press conference, so being able to talk with her and learn more about her thoughts and visions of the program are would be interesting. Then there's Austin Martin, a player who could potentially be the first overall selection or at worst a top-five pick in the coming MLB Draft. Not a wrong way to pass the time chatting him up on things, but why would I choose a house with Mr. C, who, through no fault of his own, can't speak?

One name in house three wins the day for me.

Jay Cutler, the former Vanderbilt star and NFL first-round draft selection, seals the deal.

Stories began surfacing this week that Cutler and his girlfriend, among others, have been "stranded" in the Bahamas for the last three weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let's face it, Cutler is a party in his own right, and from the looks of the pictures of his "isolation," he would be the most fun person imaginable from this group of Commodores standouts to hang with during a pandemic.

Thinking outside the lineups given here, if I could choose any of these listed for my isolation, I would go with Cutler, Corbin, Swanson, JJ Bleday, David Price, Oren Burks, and Shan Foster. That would be a fun time with a lot of diversity and some balance between Cutler and Corbin to keep sanity.

There you have it, my pick of houses, so now it's your turn to make your selection.

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