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Virginia Men's Basketball Defeats Pittsburgh 66-61 (Live Analysis)

Score updates and live analysis for the Virginia Cavaliers men's basketball game against the Pittsburgh Panthers

Live analysis and score updates for the Virginia Cavaliers (10-7, 4-3 ACC) vs. Pittsburgh Panthers (7-10, 2-4 ACC) men's basketball game on Wednesday night at the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

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Final. Virginia 66, Pittsburgh 61

Gardner catches his third shot to the jaw (uncalled), but Odukale misses the lefty layup and Stattmann clears the rebound before outletting the ball to Kihei Clark, who is fouled with 9.3 seconds remaining. Clark makes both free throws to essentially ice the game. Odukale streaks inside for an easy dunk, but the Panthers surrender and foul no further. Virginia picks up a hard-fought 66-61 victory in Pittsburgh. 

Virginia 64, Pittsburgh 59 | 26.9 seconds remaining

After an Armaan Franklin missed three, Kody Stattmann grabs an offensive rebound and is fouled, but instead the refs call it a jump ball (just telling it how it is at this point). Kody Stattmann plays solid defense on the other end, forcing a miss by Gueye. Then, Beekman drives to the basket and kicks to Armaan Franklin for an easy layup, putting UVA back up by five with 26.9 seconds remaining. 

Virginia 62, Pittsburgh 59 | 1:34 2H

Beekman attacks the close-out and streaks to the rim for a layup, giving him 19 points. Odukale drives to the basket and scores a layup with a foul on Caffaro, who fouls out of the game. Odukale converts the three-point play and UVA leads 62-57. Both of Virginia's centers are now out of the game as Shedrick fouls out. Odukale makes both free throws to bring Pitt to within three points. 

Virginia 60, Pittsburgh 54 | 2:51 2H

Gardner catches another shot to the face on a drive by Femi Odukale, but Gardner is called for his fourth foul and Odukale makes one of two at the line. Beekman uses a crafty to move to get to the basket and scores the layup, giving him 17 points to the lead the Cavaliers. Beekman commits a foul on the other end and Burton makes both at the line. 

Virginia 58, Pittsburgh 51 | 3:34 2H

Jamarius Burton backs down Kihei Clark in the post and scores easily over the smaller Clark. Gardner drives on Hugley and draws a foul, making both free throws at the line. Francisco Caffaro is whistled for his fourth foul and Hugley makes one of two at the line. Gardner misses a paint jump shot but Shedrick uses the full extension of his wingspan to tip in the putback. Gueye steps on Gardner's foot, sending him to the floor, and Gueye easily glides to the basket for a floater. 

Virginia 54, Pittsburgh 46 | 6:31 2H

Beekman penetrates inside before kicking out to Kihei Clark for a three-pointer from the left wing. Pittsburgh responds as John Hugley muscles inside for a layup after a couple of pump fakes. 

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Virginia 51, Pittsburgh 44 | 7:58 2H

Armaan Franklin is fouled, but misses the front end of the one-and-one. Both teams are in the bonus with 11 minutes to play. Onyebuchi Ezeakudo drives inside and dumps the ball off to Noah Collier for a dunk, then Jamarius Burton makes a pull-up jumper to get the Panthers to within one point. Jayden Gardner ends Virginia's 3+ minute scoring drought with a mid-range jumper. After an offensive rebound, Reece Beekman drives baseline and drops a bounce pass to Francisco Caffaro who finishes with a powerful one-handed dunk and a foul. Caffaro misses the free throw but Gardner chases down the rebound to give UVA another possession, which ends with a Kody Stattmann layup. Virginia is on a 6-0 run to extend its lead to seven. 

Virginia 45, Pittsburgh 40 | 11:02 2H

After review, the refs upgrade Hugley's foul to a flagrant one and Gardner makes both free throws. After a UVA turnover, Pitt gives it right back as Hugley is called for another offensive foul for a push-off. Shedrick runs the pick and roll effectively again, this time with Reece Beekman, who passes the ball to Shedrick for a layup plus a foul. Shedrick then picks up his fourth foul hedging a ball screen and checks out of the game. Pittsburgh grabs two offensive rebounds and Dan Oladapo scores a layup. Reece Beekman drives to the basket and scores easily with a layup. Beekman scores again on UVA's next trip down as Clark finds Beekman for a wide open dunk on an in-bounds pass. The Cavaliers are called for three fouls on the same possession, two of which come on Gardner, who checks out of the game with three fouls, and Pittsburgh is now in the bonus with over 13 minutes left in the second half as Virginia has seven team fouls. Hugley makes both free throws to bring Pitt to within five. Caffaro muscles his way inside and gets a nice bounce off the rim on a left hook. Pitt gets an offensive rebound and Jamarius Burton drives to the basket for the second-chance score. 

Virginia 35, Pittsburgh 34 | 16:12 2H

Caffaro is whistled for his third foul on the first possession of the second half and Hugley makes both free throws. Kihei Clark and Kadin Shedrick run the pick and roll to perfection and Clark drops it off the Shedrick for a two-hand slam. Hugley gets deep positioning on Shedrick and scores with his left hand. Gardner loses Gueye, who streaks down the lane undeterred for an easy dunk. Shedrick makes a turnaround jumper in the paint, but Hugley responds by scoring an and-one, drawing Shedrick's third foul in the process. Shedrick makes another turnaround jumper to put UVA back in front. Gardner catches a forearm from Hugley and Hugley is whistled for an offensive foul. 

Virginia vs. Pittsburgh halftime stats

Virginia vs. Pittsburgh halftime stats

Halftime. Virginia 29, Pittsburgh 25

Jayden Gardner springs free on the baseline off of a screen and drains the mid-range jumper. Reece Beekman drains his second three of the game from the corner off of a pass from Jayden Gardner. After a UVA steal, Virginia works the ball in transition and Gardner makes a floater from the paint plus a foul. Reece Beekman is now 3/3 from three-point range as he drains yet another triple from the left wing. Virginia goes on a 10-0 run, turning a five-point deficit into a five-point lead. John Hugley puts an end to the UVA run as he spins on Caffaro and scores the layup with a foul. Kihei Clark drives inside and makes a heavily contested floater in the paint. On the final possession of the first half, Nate Santos appeared to have an easy layup but Kadin Shedrick rotates over and rejects the shot out of bounds. Pitt inbounds the ball for a buzzer-beating mid-range shot from Hugley, but Beekman blocks his attempt as time expires. Virginia ends the half with a pair of blocks and uses a 12-3 run to take a four-point lead into the halftime break. 

Virginia 17, Pittsburgh 22 | 3:09 2H

Reece Beekman splashes a catch-and-shoot three-pointer from the right wing for UVA's first three-pointer of the game. Burton uses his left hand to create space from Beekman and finishes with his right hand. After Pitt turns it over for the eighth time in the first half, Gardner scores again to make it 17-16, but Pitt goes back in front on two free throws by Mouhamadou Gueye. Gueye then comes up with a steal and Nate Santos finishes the layup in transition. After a Beekman turnover, Hugley sends Caffaro to the floor down low and finishes with an awkward layup. Pittsburgh is on a 6-0 scoring run to make it 22-17. 

Virginia 12, Pittsburgh 14 | 7:20 1H

Jamarius Burton goes 1/2 at the free throw line again to tie the game. Beekman plays great defense on Femi Odukale, but he throws up a last-second shot attempt that hits the rim, the top of the backboard, and falls in as the shot clock expires. Pittsburgh scores again as Mouhamadou Gueye gets a putback to go off the glass. Kody Stattmann is fouled driving to the basket and makes two free throws at the line. 

Virginia 10, Pittsburgh 9 | 11:09 1H

Armaan Franklin curls inside and scores with a floater. UVA doubles Hugley in the post, forcing a turnover as Hugley loses the ball out of bounds. Kody Stattmann passed up two open looks from three and then travels. UVA leaves Caffaro one-on-one against Hugley, but Caffaro stands his ground and Hugley turns it over again as he dribbles the ball on the end line. Virginia delivers another solid defensive possession as Reece Beekman forces a Pitt turnover. Kadin Shedrick checks into the game and immediately draws his first foul as Hugley spins on him in the post and finishes the layup with a foul. Hugley converts the three-point play to tie the game at 6-6. Shedrick redeems himself as he taps in Gardner's missed jumper. John Hugley makes a three-pointer from the top of the key to give the Panthers their first lead of the game. Gardner makes a mid-range jumper to put the Cavaliers back in front. 

Virginia 4, Pittsburgh 3 | 16:00 1H

For the second game in a row, Francisco Caffaro gets the start over Kadin Shedrick at center for Virginia. UVA scores a second chance basket to start the game as Reece Beekman knifes to the rim and drops in a layup. Caffaro plays great defense on John Hugley on one end, but Caffaro has his dunk blocked at the rim after a great pass from Beekman. Jamarius Burton is fouled, but the ACC's leader in free throw percentage goes one of two at the line. Armaan Franklin drives to his left before pulling up for a baseline midrange jumper. John Hugley faces up on Caffaro and makes a deep two for Pittsburgh's first made field goal of the game.