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Maryland Defeats Virginia 18-9 | NCAA Men's Lacrosse Live Updates

Score updates and live analysis for Virginia vs. Maryland in the quarterfinals of the NCAA men's lacrosse tournament

Follow along with score updates and live analysis for the Virginia Cavaliers (12-3) vs. No. 1 Maryland Terrapins (15-0) men's lacrosse game in the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament on Sunday afternoon at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. 

Final. Virginia 9, Maryland 18

Maryland remains undefeated and goes to Championship Weekend. Virginia's season comes to an end in the NCAA quarterfinals. UVA's reign as defending champions has come to an end. 

Virginia 9, Maryland 18 | 0:52 4Q

UVA kills a Maryland man-up and Evan Zinn shoots on the run and scores on the other end. 

Virginia 8, Maryland 8 | 3:32 4Q

Maryland breaks the UVA 10-man ride as Daniel Kelly finds the back of the net with a long distance shot. 

Virginia 8, Maryland 17 | 5:53 4Q

Maryland gets a man-up chance on a Payton Cormier unnecessary roughness call and the Terps take advantage as Owen Murphy rips the back of the net for his fourth goal of the game. 

Virginia 8, Maryland 16 | 7:11 4Q

Connor Shellenberger is taken down by Brett Makar and UVA goes man-up. The Cavaliers turn it over but Maryland gives it right back on the clear. Matt Moore's pass from behind the cage falls to the turf but Payton Cormier scoops it up and scores to cash in on the man-up opportunity. 

Virginia 7, Maryland 16 | 8:24 4Q

Virginia kills a penalty but Maryland scores shortly after as Kyle Long finds a cutting Keegan Khan on the doorstep of the crease and scores through a couple of checks for the first goal of the fourth quarter nearly midway through the period. 

End of the third quarter. Virginia 7, Maryland 15

Grayson Sallade goes down with a non-contact knee injury and walks gingerly off the field after being down for a few minutes. Virginia causes a Maryland turnover and Griffin Schutz dodges from the top and shoots on the run with his left hand and stings the back of the net for his second goal of the game. UVA scores the final two goals of the quarter but still trails by eight goals entering the final period. 

Virginia 6, Maryland 15 | 2:47 3Q

McNaney tries to take a shot to beat the UVA 10-man ride but Cade Saustad wins the race to the end line. Virginia beats the ride and Jeff Conner is left wide open in transition and buries a deep shot in the back of the net for his third goal of the game. Conner is responsible for half of UVA's goals thus far. 

Virginia 5, Maryland 15 | 4:01 3Q

Wierman wins the faceoff easily and passes to Murphy who scores his third goal of his game in transition. 

Virginia 5, Maryland 14 | 4:07 3Q

Maryland goes a man-up on an unnecessary roughness call on Gable Braun and the Terps take advantage as Logan Wisnauskas gets the passes from Khan and scores on a bounce shot. 

Virginia 5, Maryland 13 | 5:42 3Q

Jeff Conner gets his defender hung up in front of the cage and passes to Matt Moore on the right wing for a goal, Moore's first of the game and Virginia's first goal of the second half. 

Virginia 4, Maryland 13 | 7:22 3Q

UVA goes with Gable Braun at the faceoff x but he is unable to win the faceoff. Bubba Fairman comes up with the ground ball and passes to Owen Murphy for a transition goal. 

Virginia 4, Maryland 12 | 7:35 3Q

Maryland scores another goal in the substitution game. Defensive midfielder Roman Puglise fakes like he is leaving the field but then doubles back and gets the pass from Demaio for an open shot and goal from the right wing. 

Virginia 4, Maryland 11 | 11:30 3Q

Virginia gets a great stop on the defensive end but the Cavaliers commit a crucial turnover as they tried to clear the ball as Grayson Sallade loses the ball. Maryland takes advantage and Wisnauskas is left wide open for a goal. 

Virginia 4, Maryland 10 | 13:13 3Q

Maryland held a 10-5 advantage in the faceoff battle in the first half and that continues to start the second half as the Terps win the opening faceoff. Maryland turns it over but Matt Moore's shot on the other end is saved by McNaney, who then outlets the ball to John Geppert, who runs the length of the field before passing to Logan Wisnauskas for an easy goal. 

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Halftime. Virginia 4, Maryland 9

Virginia turns Maryland over and has a chance to score before halftime, but Cormier's pass to Shellenberger is off target and UVA doesn't even get a shot off. Maryland takes a 9-4 lead into halftime. 

Virginia 4, Maryland 9 | 1:33 2Q

At long last, Virginia's attack unit gets on the board with just 93 seconds left in the half. Matt Moore dodges from behind the cage and finds a cutting Payton Cormier for an easy goal. One of UVA's bread-and-butter plays produces a goal to end Maryland's 3-0 run. 

Virginia 3, Maryland 9 | 5:14 2Q

Luke Wierman wins the faceoff cleanly and passes to Owen Murphy on the left wing in transition and stings the top corner for another Maryland goal. Wierman is beginning to take over at the faceoff x. 

Virginia 3, Maryland 8 | 5:20 2Q

Kyle Long cuts to the middle of the UVA zone defense and Logan Wisnauskas finds him for a jump shot that Nunes gets a piece of but it still goes in. 

Virginia 3, Maryland 7 | 8:29 2Q

Eric Malever cuts to the front of the cage and gets the feed from Jack Brennan. Malever is met by multiple defenders but still manages to get the shot off at close-range and scores to make it 7-3. 

Virginia 3, Maryland 6 | 9:20 2Q

Payton Cormier dodges against Roman Puglise and passes to Jeff Conner on the left wing and Conner beats McNaney on a low-angle shot for his second goal of the game. 

Virginia 2, Maryland 6 | 11:45 2Q

Luke Wierman wins the next faceoff and the Terrapins generate another great look out of the substitution game, leading to a goal for Jonathan Donville off of a pass from Roman Puglise. 

Virginia 2, Maryland 5 | 12:09 2Q

Daniel Maltz gets some space and shoots on the run, beating Nunes and pushing the Terrapin lead back to three goals. 

Virginia 2, Maryland 4 | 13:10 2Q

Maryland's defense has a miscommunication on a screen and Jeff Conner gets an open shot from the right wing and beats McNaney on a low shot for UVA's second goal of the game. 

End of the first quarter. Virginia 1, Maryland 4

Shellenberger and Jeff Conner both attempt contested fadeaway shots on UVA's final possession of the opening quarter. Shellenberger misses the cage on his shot and Conner's shot was easily saved by McNaney. Maryland ends the first quarter on a 4-0 run. 

Virginia 1, Maryland 4 | 1:40 1Q

UVA wins a faceoff but Payton Cormier turns it over and the ball goes back to Maryland. Anthony Demaio gets another open look from the right side and finds the back of the net again as he beats Nunes low. Demaio has a first-quarter hat trick. 

Virginia 1, Maryland 3 | 2:43 1Q

Virginia is not moving the ball very much on offense. Connor Shellenberger and Matt Moore have not been able to win their individual matchups so far. After another empty UVA possession, Jonathan Donville gets free as he comes onto the field out of the substitution box and has a wide open look and buries it to put Maryland up 3-1. 

Virginia 1, Maryland 2 | 5:33 1Q

Petey LaSalla wins the ensuing faceoff. In the first meeting between these two teams back in March, Maryland had huge advantage at faceoff as Luke Wierman dominated the matchup with Petey LaSalla. So far today, Virginia has won two of the three faceoffs and on the one faceoff that Maryland won, the Terrapins immediately turned it over. Anthony Demaio gets the feed from Wisnauskas on the right wing and stings the top of the net to give Maryland the lead. 

Virginia 1, Maryland 1 | 7:39 1Q

Virginia is winning the possession time battle but not getting great looks. Matt Moore settles for a fadeaway shot that McNaney saves with ease. Xander Dickson gets stuck on the defensive end and Anthony Demaio attacks him right away. Demaio blows by Dickson and the slide is slate as Demaio scores to get Maryland on the board. 

Virginia 1, Maryland 0 | 9:55 1Q

Virginia wins the opening faceoff as Scott Bower takes a big hit from Logan Wisnauskas but UVA collects the ground ball. Virginia's first possession ends with an easy save for Logan McNaney on Matt Moore's shot. Keegan Khan gets a good look on Maryland's first offensive set and Matthew Nunes makes a great save. Griffin Schutz dodges from behind the cage and shoots low, beating McNaney and the Cavaliers are on the board first. 

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