CBS-TV's Raferty: 'I Think They're Back to Form'

Dan Raley

Bill Raferty, who's seen more NCAA basketball games than any other national broadcaster, is in the house at Alaska Airlines Arena, calling the Washington-Oregon game for CBS-TV.

We caught up with him on radio row before Saturday's game. The sound might be a little rough -- music is part of the pre-game routine -- but Bill has a voice that projects. 

Raftery, a former Seton Hall and Farleigh-Dickinson basketball coach, has been a broadcaster for 33 years, with ESPN among his previous stops. He called Thursday night's Oregon State game, too, which the UW won 64-56. 

"I've seen them at their worse and at their best," Raferty said of the Huskies, who lost point guard Quade Green. "The middle off the season makes it very hard. Different guys have to step up, and I think they did, and it showed they were ready to perform. I think they're back to form."

Raferty, who sat in on Huskies practice on Friday, was impressed by freshman sensation Isaiah Stewart and his approach to the game. 

"I just love his attitude," the broadcaster said. "I don't know him personally, but I can tell he loves what he's doing. Without having Green, it's a little bit difficult. This kid has a big upside."

Catch a minute with Raferty on the video. 

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My favorite interview so far ... after the Jimmy Rodgers interview. ;)