Thybulle Goes One on One with Fallon — Matisse Wins

Dan Raley

Shhhh, it's Matisse Thybulle.

Oh really, where?

On the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The former Washington Husky, fast becoming a pop-culture presence for the entire nation to see, added another layer of exposure to his coming-out party.

If being a promising NBA player wasn't enough.

The extremely likable Thybulle did a Tonight Show segment at Fallon's request on Monday night from the NBA bubble and he likely picked up thousands of more fans.

He's a marketer's dream.

He's so striking as this personable and thoughtful individual while much of the rest of the country calls each other names and does worse.

Check out his national TV talk-show appearance here:

Thybulle first endeared himself to countless sports fans in Seattle and beyond with his unselfish way of approaching the game. 

He went for blocks and steals, rather than points and the spotlight.

Philadelphia, no easy stop for a young athlete, absolutely adores this guy. There's no way the Liberty Bell town wants to harangue this guy.

The rookie has been on one video after another with his teammates having fun at his expense and him smiling all the way through each posting.

Thybulle, as an amateur videographer, took everything to another level by documenting the NBA bubble in a self-effacing manner and putting it on his own YouTube account and watching it go viral.

People now love him for his every-day life as much as his elite hoop skills.

"This is an amazing opportunity, an historical moment," Thybulle told Fallon of the bubble and pandemic in general. "I'm know what to do."

His teammates feel comfortable with him videotaping them, talking about race relations and other serious topics, much like the rest of America must have felt sitting and listening to him describe it all to Fallon,

"I was really, really happy they could share it with me so I could share it with the world," he said.

Thybulle, who wears the word "Vote" on the back of his jersey, needs his own talk show.

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