WATCH: Kaila's Keys for Beating the USC Trojans on the Road

Kaila Olin

Production From Bench Players

Washington still had Quade Green in its largest win of the season over USC at home last month so there wasn’t a need to have bench players really step up. But with Green no longer eligible, Washington bench players need to be as productive as they were against ASU with 32 points and WSU with 20 points.

Identify the Sharpshooter Early and Adjust

There was no big scorer for USC in the last meeting, so that could be any player and Washington needs to identify him ASAP. The Huskies defense has consistently struggled in terms of locking down the shooter(s) who are having a sharpshooting night. Letting C.J. Elleby put up 34 points, which was more than half of UW’s total points, or Payton Pritchard from Oregon with 22 points.This has been a reoccurring pattern this season and will continue to happen unless adjustments are made early.

Move the Ball Around

To catch a man defense off guard, which is what the Trojans run, quick ball movement around the perimeter, in and out of the paint, and skip passes will really break down the defense and create open looks. Washington is 241st in the nation in assists, so getting multiple touches before putting up a shot to create better looks and more assistance from teammates will help the Huskies’ offense tremendously.

My Spread Prediction: -7 USC

My Over/Under Prediction: 110