WATCH: Kaila's Keys for Beating the Utah Utes on the Road

Kaila Olin

Make Some Field Goals

In their cringe worthy loss to the Oregon Ducks at home, the Dawgs were 4-19 in field goals in the second half. Only making four baskets in 20 minutes won’t secure a lead and it won’t get you a win. They can’t just rely on Isaiah Stewart to carry the load and make all his free throws to tie the game to give Washington a fighting chance. More players need to start producing on offense on a consistent basis and make some baskets.

Lockdown Their Leading Scorer

Leading scorer for the Utes, Forward Timmy Allen, is just shy of averaging 20 points per game and is a big offensive threat. Out of their seven losses on the season, four of the times were a result of the Dawgs defense not being able to contain the teams’ leading scorer. Most recent example, was the lack of containment on Oregon’s Payton Pritchard who put up 22 points and scored the game winning 3-pointer for the Ducks in overtime.

Play A Full 40 Minutes

Houston game in the Diamond Head Championship: lost a 14 point lead in the second half. Stanford game: lost a 12 point lead in the second half. Oregon game: lost a 16 point lead in the second half. It’s not like they lost with a five point lead, but with a double digit margin in some very important games. The Huskies need to learn how to play a full 40 minutes, not just 20, and finish before they end up finishing the season not even in the NIT.

My Spread Prediction: -9 Dawgs

My Over/Under Prediction: 112