3 Things from Petersen's Monday Presser

Dan Raley

Offensive Shortfall

Offense seemed to be the dominant theme of Chris Petersen's Monday news conference coming off last week's bye. The Huskies coach used the words "play sequence," "execution" and "another touchdown" to sum up the drawbacks coming from that side of the ball. 

While he never goes into any detail about coaching prowess, position changes or injuries, one might assume from his comments that the direction given this veteran unit hasn't gone entirely smooth in the 6-4 season.

Bush Hamdan, in his second season as offensive coordinator, has bore the brunt of fan displeasure as the Huskies have bogged down. 

Petersen chose to talk about being one scoring play shy in each of the most recent two losses by four and five points.

"I think it always feels like, are we improving?" Petersen mused. "Are we playing how we're capable of playing? Do we have more to us? I feel like when we played Oregon and Utah, on offense we played at a pretty decent level. But I think we all felt like we had another touchdown in us."

Getting Ede Ready 

The UW coach stopped short of naming Edefuan Ulofoshio as a starter at inside linebacker against Colorado, but don't be surprised if the redshirt freshman is out there for the opening bell in Boulder. Increased playing time is definitely in Ulofoshio's near future.

"He's going to play and he deserves to play more," Petersen said. "That's when you feel good about things. You see a guy like that taking the next step."

Pick Pocket

Petersen addressed quarterback Jacob Eason's ill-advised scrambling with both an edict and a positive report. 

"Jacob Eason is a pocket passer so he needs to step up vertically and just get grooved into that," the coach said. "I think he's made some progress there."