3 Things from Petersen's Monday Presser

Dan Raley

It's Apple Cup week, but Huskies coach Chris Petersen found himself pressed more about stark reality rather than the traditional rivalry when he met with reporters. Five losses will do that to you. Three things that came out of his Monday news conference (which is available below):

Husky Motivation

Petersen was quizzed about his team's state of mind, whether it has the proper desire as the setbacks have piled up this season, with the Huskies losing four of their past six games. "It's not a matter of want," the coach said, reluctant to give any great explanation. "Everyone wants to win. We just didn't get it done." He summed up the Huskies' 20-14 loss at Colorado as rooted in isolated player breakdowns--it was one guy here and one guy there--before acknowledging some loss of composure "I thought there was a little bit of panic," he said of his offense. "Too many 3-and-outs."

WSU's Offensive Churn

The UW coach, taking stock of high-octane Washington State and its 54-53 victory over Oregon State on Saturday night, conceded the Cougars might have a little more firepower than usual under Mike Leach, if that's at all possible. "Maybe they explode a little better than they have, but it's the same thing," Petersen said. "It definitely works. Time tells. You're definitely going to put up points."

Kirkland Update

Right offensive guard Jaxson Kirkland, the only starter questionable  for the Apple Cup because of health, lasted only two offensive series against Colorado before going down with what looked like a serious leg injury. Two people had to help the sophomore off the field. Said Petersen, not big on discussing injuries, "He's all right. It's not a serious injury. We'll see if we can get him (back)."

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It'll be interesting to see how this game breaks down. Huskies have a solid secondary but can they withstand the relentless air raid? Supposed to be good weather for Friday meaning WSU is going to throw the hell out of the ball. Also their RB Borghi is the real deal and should give the linebackers a run for their money.

SI Mike Martin
SI Mike Martin

@Ct33 We're defensive efficiency numbers to be pretty good for the young DBs. If the DL can continue to set the table for Fast Eddie and Jackson Sirmon I think that it will bode well for the LBs.