3 Things to Know About Colorado

Dan Raley

As the Washington football team turns its attention to Colorado on Saturday night, here are three things to know about the Buffaloes.

The Mascot

Ralphie V is retired. One of college football's most endearing traditions drew the hook. The real live buffalo will be on display at Folsom Field but won't get out and run. 

The reasons: Age (13). Temperamental (ignores handler commands). Dangerous (runs too fast). 

While a successor is being sought, Ralphie retires with 76 pre-game stadium runs on her resume--65 at Colorado, 10 in Denver and one at the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio.

What's next? No, she won't become hamburger fare for local meat lovers. She will simply live on a local ranch, leaving a lasting memory. Tears are welling up. 

Coverage Sack

Huskies quarterback Jacob Eason was asked about Colorado's top pass thief, Mikial Onu, who shares the Pac-12 lead in interceptions with 4.

"Obviously, you're going to recognize it," Eason said, who can be heard on the accompanying video discussing Onu and the game. "He's done a great job of getting turnovers."

What isn't so obvious are the guy's family connections. A graduate transfer from SMU, Onu has a couple of well-known cousins: the Seahawks' safety Quandre Diggs and one-time NFL cornerback Quentin Jammer, who played for the Broncos and Chargers. 

The Stats

The Huskies have won nine straight from Colorado, going unbeaten since losing to the Buffaloes 33-21 in the 1996 Holiday Bowl. That was dominant running back Corey Dillon's last game for the UW in his brief four-month career, on his way to the NFL. 

Lately, the Buffs haven't been able to hang with the Huskies. They've been outscored 67-6 in the second half of the last three meetings.

The UW is due for a Colorado beatdown, but it won't be this weekend. How about: Huskies 28, Buffaloes 13.