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A Week of Husky Football in Photos

UW student Skylar Lin chronicles the early days of fall camp.
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Kalen DeBoer and his fellow college football coaches are new to the University of Washington this year. As are quarterback Michael Penix Jr., linebacker Cam Bright, cornerback Jordan Perryman and countless others.

So is Skylar Lin.

You won't find the latter name on the Husky football roster. Instead, Lin turns up on the UW enrollment list for the first time this fall. 

He's a Seattle resident newly accepted by his hometown university, an academic scholarship recipient, someone who will make the school proud. 

Husky Maven already holds him in very high regard. Our connection is going on a year now.

Lin is an excellent sports photographer, one of those creative and personable talents who has a real knack for getting the unforgettable shot, for getting others to respond to him when he's nearby and pointing his long lens at them.

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You'll no doubt see him scurrying along the sidelines at Husky Stadium this fall, chronicling the first season for DeBoer and company. 

If he was permitted, Skylar would turn up in the huddle or the end zone when there's stuff happening. Anything to get catch that moment in time for these UW gladiators. 

Check out his week's work in the attached gallery. The Huskies can only hope they're this productive in their weeks ahead.

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