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WATCH: College Football Rule Changes, Part 2 with Kaila Olin

With hopes that there is still a college football season this fall, it’s never too early to take a look at the rule changes for this upcoming season.

We’ve already seen a few changes resulting from the current pandemic, among them Michigan not traveling to Seattle in September or an all-conference schedule for the Pac-12. We still might see no fans in the stadiums. 

The changes don’t end there because for every season there are new rules the NCAA puts in place in hopes to make the game better and safer.

Changes range from pregame warmup requirements to even a new one called the Nick Saban Rule. Below is a list of all rule changes. In this video, I’ll only be covering the final six since I did the first half in an earlier segment you can access on our site.

  1. Certain ejected players allowed on sidelines 
  2. New penalties requiring ejection
  3. New pregame warm-up requirements
  4. Relaxing the defensive substitution rule
  5. Protection for long snappers
  6. Limiting duplicate numbers
  7. Penalty carry-overs
  8. Extended jurisdiction for officials
  9. The Nick Saban Rule
  10. Replay reviews shortened
  11. New numbers allowed on jerseys
  12. Uniform violations

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