Eason: 'I've Always Been One to Finish the Things I Start'

Dan Raley

Jacob Eason sat on a stool in Washington's old football team room. He might as well have been standing in the pocket, trying to stay upright under pressure. Reporters came at him like pass rushers. 

They wanted to know if he'd made a decision about his NFL future. 

By his uncomfortable body language, Eason easily finds this to be his least favorite question. He had a pat answer ready.

"Right now, I'm just focused on Boise State and playing the Vegas Bowl," he said firmly.

Have you made up your mind?

"I'm just focused on the bowl game and finishing out this season with my guys," he said.

A lot of players with NFL decisions choose to skip the bowl game, he was asked. Was that ever a consideration for you?

Eason was willing to go down this road, just a little.

"With respects that everybody has their own decision and personal choices, for health reasons and all that, I've always been one to finish the things I start," Eason said. "We started this season and we've got to finish it, no matter what the case is." 

He gave no clues, but the general feeling is Eason will be playing his final Huskies game in the Vegas Bowl. Let us know what you think in the comments sections below. 

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He needs to get info as to his potential draft status vs the possible improvement with a more successful senior year!