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Florida State Loses to FCS Team — Where Have We Heard That Before?

The Seminoles were shocked by Jacksonville State, matching the UW flop to Montana.

Jimmy Lake, meet Mike Norvell.

Unfortunately, these two FBS coaches have a lot in common these days. 

On Saturday night, Florida State pulled a Washington, losing to an FCS opponent in shocking fashion and dropping 0-2.

The Norvell-guided Seminoles stumbled 20-17 to Jacksonville State at home in Tallahassee, Florida, on a touchdown pass with no time left on the clock.

That's Jacksonville State from Jacksonville, Alabama, not the Florida version that provided the world with basketball great Artis Gilmore and a Final Four team.

"It's totally unacceptable," Norvell sputtered after the huge upset before 60,198 stunned fans.

Those were the very same words Lake used a week earlier.

The week before, Florida State opened the season on national TV with a wrenching 41-38 overtime loss at home to Notre Dame.

Of course, that primetime showing was much more respectable than the Huskies getting manhandled 31-10 to Michigan on national TV this past weekend.

But the bottom line is this: both teams are 0-2 with an FCS blemish sticking out grotesquely.

The embarrassing loss to Jacksonville State's Gamecocks was the first for FSU after the program that Bobby Bowden built had gone 26-0 against the lower football division.

The previously 20th-ranked Huskies were 20-0 against FCS teams before they inexplicably flatlined against Montana 13-7 in front of a speechless home crowd, breaking up their invincibility. 

So where does Washington and Florida State go from here?

Maybe they should play each other. 

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