For You, A 2020 Pac-12 Fantasy Football Draft

Husky Maven/Sport Illustrated's Kaila Olin creates a nine-round board and conducts a fantasy football draft as if the Pac-12 season was still going to happen this fall.
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Welcome to day one of our 2020 Pac-12 Fantasy Football Draft.

Some of you already may have conducted your fantasy football drafts while others have them coming up, but it doesn’t make it less fun to discuss the players and why they may be of value. 

So, what better way to get into a football mood by making sure the Pac-12 still relevant, even with a pandemic pause, with a 2020 Pac-12 Fantasy Football Draft? 

Spoiler alert: Only I show my picks but I still act as if I am drafting against seven others.

Rules are as follows: I am using a half PPR (points per reception) system since I like the emphasis it puts on running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers while easing the inflated scoring of full PPR. 

The picking will be of a snake draft, meaning it goes in the opposite order each round. The  last pick in the first round has the first pick in the second round and so on. No handcuffing players. No drafting a bench.

There will be one slot for a quarterback, two for running backs, two for receivers, a tight end, a flex, a defense/special teams and a kicker. For Washington Husky-related purposes, I'm requiring that I draft at least three Huskies to this roster. 

Oh, and may the best team win. 

Queue draft day music.