Harris: 'Each Game Comes Down to 5 Plays'

In the face of a step-back season, Huskies' center remains ever the realist

Nick Harris offers no excuses for Washington's 6-5 season. The reigning All-Pac-12 center doesn't have any convoluted explanations for what's happened. He singles out no one person for blame.

To him, it's fairly simple: it's football. Somebody wins and somebody loses. The Huskies got beat in five close ones.

"It is what is is," Harris said. "We play to obviously try to win every game. We can't win every single game. It comes down to a couple of plays every game. It's literally five plays every game that can change a game."

In Saturday's 20-14 upset loss to Colorado, Harris and his fellow offensive lineman gave up five quarterback sacks. They knew what was coming from the pass rush, practiced for it and then took turns breaking down individually for whatever reason.

Sure, his team is young many respects, Harris acknowledges, but that wasn't it. Everybody had enough reps to take over new jobs this season, he said. They've just gotten beat.

Harris, a four-year starter who will play his final home game in the Apple Cup, talks about all of this in the video clip.