Bryant: 'Feel Like Guys Have Learned'

Dan Raley

Myles Bryant represents the lone surviver. He's the Mark Wahlberg of the Washington defense. 

A hybrid safety and cornerback, he's the only starter from last year's Huskies stop unit to reclaim a first-unit role in this group. 

Ten of 11 first-teamers were replaced this season (with Benning Potae'a sliding into a reserve role).

Only Bryant remains standing.

While the "next man up" slogan is an admirable one in the Chris Petersen coaching scheme of things, no one on the Division I level replaces all but one guy on a unit and comes out of it unscathed.

Hence, one reason for a 6-4 season heading into Saturday night's game at Colorado.

Looking at the positive, Bryant said the players and coaches both have benefited from a little adversity this season.  

"I feel like the guys have learned the importance of doing their jobs," he said.

Hear more of what the one-time walk-on turned team leader has to say in this video.