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On First Day of Full Pads, Ulumoo Ale Injured on Scrimmage Play

The defensive tackle was taken away on a cart.
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The hitting increased for the University of Washington football team in its sixth practice and, unfortunately for the Huskies, so did the injury rate.

Ulumoo Ale, making the successful conversion from offensive guard to defensive tackle and running with the No. 1 defense, suffered what appeared to be a lower leg injury on Wednesday in Dempsey Indoor and was taken away by trainers using a cart.

On the first day of full pads, the 6-foot-6, 333-pound Ale was was left lying face down in obvious pain following a scrimmage play — turning the covered facility deathly silent. He seemed to get hit in the left leg by running back Aaron Dumas, who went up the middle with the ball and ended diving forward and colliding with the big lineman.

Ale was having a productive fall camp and his presence on the defensive line was seen as a big plus for the Huskies, who struggled stopping the run last season. 

The indoor facility was in use by the UW team because of a lightning warning in the area.

Trainers carefully turned Ale over while supporting his leg and putting it in an air cast and his coaches and teammates watched with concern.

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Safety Asa Turner dropped to one knee behind the worrisome scene. Cornerback Mishael Powell did the same. Linebacker Alphonzo Tuputala crouched down in player. Coach Kalen DeBoer stood close by with his hands on his knees and for the longest time watched his player being treated.

The Husky scrimmage next was moved to the other end of the field, but not before several players, among them defensive tackle Jacob Bandes and tight end Jack Westover, ran over and tapped Ale on the shoulder.

Ale, a junior from Tacoma, was taken away on a cart, accompanied by trainers, and looked in obvious distress, holding his hand up against his face mask.

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