Husky Stadium Carpet Removal and Install in 30 Seconds

The University of Washington released drone footage of the new turf swap and how it was done.
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Husky Stadium is like a house that sat on the market for a year until somebody finally bought it with the idea of doing some upgrades to spruce up the place.

In this case, before anyone could move in, the old rugs had to come out and be replaced by new stuff.

In advance of fans filling up the 101-year-old stadium pushing up against the lake on game day again, new turf had to be installed.

The University of Washington athletic department this week offered a 30-second video clip shot by a drone of the playing surface being swapped out, a remodel that took place once spring football practice was completed.

While some Husky fans clamored for a total purple field, similar to Boise State's all-blue and Eastern Washington's all-red looks, the UW matched the purple end zones and added purple sidelines.

The green is a lot greener. There's purple on all four sides of it. The synthetic turf has much better traction. 

The Huskies have it all ready for the season opener against Montana, when the pandemic restraints come off the 70,083-person capacity. 

No one was permitted in for four games, and just a smattering of fans showed up for spring practices and the spring game. 

With seven home games and a team worthy of a Pac-12 championship contender, the Husky followers should return to the stadium in big numbers. They should be impressed by the new surface.

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