Jenn Cohen: 'We Have the Right Guy'

Dan Raley

Washington athletic director Jennifer Cohen, who has shown herself to be very adept at hiring coaches, had Jimmy Lake in place to lead the Huskies football program within 24 hours of learning that Chris Petersen was stepping down.

In Tuesday's news conference, Cohen told how she had a ready plan in place in case Petersen moved on.

"I just didn't expect it to happen so soon," she said.

In the 45-minute news conference, in which Cohen, Petersen and Lake each took a turn at the podium, and all seemed a bit emotional, the athletic director told how Lake had been in demand by several other programs but resisted the overtures. 

"He stayed because he wanted to be here," Cohen said.

The AD has been responsible for the successful hires of Petersen and men's basketball coach Mike Hopkins. 

Check out video of Tuesday's entire media exchange, which was supplied by the University of Washington sports information staff. 

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@Dan Raley where is the video?

Dan Raley
Dan Raley


The video was up. I'm checking with the UW, which provided it, to see if it had a limited shelf life.