Jimmy Lake's Message: It's Continuous, Impactful

Dan Raley

Jimmy Lake could have put out one public message on the state of affairs gripping the country and called it good. Been done with his platform and moved on.

Yet the new University of Washington football coach seems to realize that powerful leaders are needed around the clock at a time like this. Everywhere.

He seems to understand that every statement he posts affects people in need of comforting and inspiring words, whether under his direct supervision or watching him from afar.

On Sunday, Lake posted a tweet expressing his anguish and anger over the death of George Floyd, an African American man who died during a police stop in Minneapolis, leading to officer arrests. Most of all, the coach called for a peaceful response from protesters.

Reposted as a story on Husky Maven/Sports Illustrated, Lake's words represented the most viewed and discussed content on our site over the past eight months.

Today, he's tweeted another simple but engaging message for others to consume and think about. He's got more on his mind than staff meetings, game-planning and keeping track of his players.

The Michigan opener and opponent study will have to wait.

On Monday, the UW football leader tweeted a video of his team coming together like he wished the world around it would. 

It was eye-catching and powerful, the imagery no doubt captured during safer times with his team now dispersed across several states.

This man is consumed with the Husky program and the college game, but he's shown he's not all about football. He appears to be someone with great compassion for life in general.

As an African American man in a role of huge responsibility in Seattle and beyond, he's setting a positive example for his players, his coaches and others everywhere. People are listening to him.